Have you ever thought about reforming your bathroom? You may not know that there is a regulation that regulates from the minimum dimensions that the toilets should have to, for example, the minimum height required by the space. Each and every one of the spaces of a house has some legal specifications. Here, we summarize those of the bathrooms.

Bathroom Reform: Minimum Surface

The law establishes that the minimum area of ​​a bathroom is 3 m2 and that of a toilet of 1.5 m2. The law also includes that all homes must have space for personal hygiene with the corresponding provision of the bathroom. The houses with three or more bedrooms will have additional space for personal hygiene with the corresponding provision for cleaning.

Bathroom Conditioners

  • The space for physiological evacuation will be located in a compartmentalized enclosure, which may house the personal hygiene area.
  • Any enclosure or area of ​​the house in which a bathtub or a shower is located shall be considered as a humid place for the purposes of the Technical Building Code, and its surface finishes shall comply with the provisions of Article.
  • When the house has more than one bedroom, a space for personal hygiene can be accessed from the circulation spaces of the house.
  • The bathroom and toilet will not be the only step to access another room or enclosure.

Minimum Height

In the house, the minimum free height, according to regulations, is 2.50 m, with pick-ups up to 2.20 m, with floor occupancy of each enclosure of up to 10% of its useful area. In circulation spaces, bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens, the minimum free height will be 2.20 m.

Natural Lighting

It is evident that if we attend aesthetic and hygienic conditions, natural lighting is more than recommended in any bathroom. However, the truth is that the law does not require the existence of natural light in this type of space. Specifically, it says: “the enclosures or areas with the exception of access, bathroom or toilet, and storage room will have glazed openings outside for lighting.”

Indispensable Elements In A Bathroom

The regulations establish that the essential elements in a bathroom are: a washbasin and a shower or bathtub with a hot and cold water supply and a toilet with cold water supply. All of them provided with evacuation with hydraulic closure.

Finally, it is necessary to highlight that the regulations approve the design and quality conditions corresponding to the various situations that arise for the construction of a house, whether it is new construction, containing adapted homes, affecting buildings destined for accommodation, or Try a rehab.

And now that you know the legal issues concerning the reform of a bathroom, you may want to get inspired.

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